Experience and Excellence

Our Journey

JOIS FOOD & SERVICES is dedicated to providing efficient and effective attention to facilitate operations swiftly, transparently, and professionally.

JOIS FOOD & SERVICES started with a vision of promoting Peruvian superfoods and creating global awareness about the quality and benefits of our products.

Over the years, JOIS FOOD & SERVICES has served a diverse range of clients, including international retailers, wholesalers, and health-conscious consumers.

Our Core Values

Guided by a commitment to integrity, quality, and sustainability, we uphold the following core values:


We prioritize honesty, transparency, and ethical practices in all our dealings, ensuring trust and credibility with our partners and clients.


We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality in sourcing, processing, and delivering our products, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.


We are committed to sustainable practices that prioritize environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and long-term viability in our operations.

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